pre-log your diary like a champ

Pre-logging can be a game changer! But did you know there are tons of ways to do it?

>> Log common foods first thing in the morning. If you’re like most of us, you eat similar things day to day. Put those items in first when you’ve got a little quiet time in the AM.⁣

>> Log protein-heavy food. Protein is usually the toughest macro to hit so take some time to visualize the protein-rich ingredients of your 3-4 meals each day. Even if you’re just estimating portions when you log, it will get you much closer to your needs by the end of the day. ⁣

>> Estimate meals you don’t prepare. Know you’ll be eating out? No problem. Simply estimate what you think you might have to “carve space” for that meal and increase your awareness of calories, macros and portions. ⁣

>> Log alcohol accurately. Be intentional about your alcohol consumption by pre-logging it in your diary and counting it as fat macros and/or carb macros so you can see how much food you’ll sacrifice to accommodate it. ⁣

>> Log common foods the night before. as you’re running through your list of to-dos for the next day, consider pre-logging your typical breakfast, lunch and/or snacks in your diary especially if they tend to be the same day to day. ⁣

>> Log skeletons of your meal. This means log the P, F, and C rich ingredients that could be in your meal. You can add extras later when you actually build the meal and eat. By having all 3 macros at each meal, you’re likely stay on track for your needs by the end of the day. ⁣

>> Utilize the copy and paste feature. Those common foods that you repeat from one day to the next can be copy and pasted in a few seconds, rather than searching and individually entering them each day. This is a great feature to use if you meal prep and eat the same meal multiple days in a row.⁣

>> Use the “quick add feature”. This can be handy when you don’t prepare the food yourself but want to pad your diary with protein, fat and/or carbs to eat around that meal in the rest of your day. ⁣

Make the macros approach easier on yourself by leaning on any of these!

Need more tips for meal planning around your macros?