“high protein” snacks

Low sugar! No cholesterol! High in fiber! Protein packed!

Wouldn’t it be nice to not rely on front-of-packaging claims because you had a solid grasp of which foods and how much food is appropriate for you? Because you know how it’s sUpPoSeD to feel when you’re fed appropriately?

Consistent, high energy. Full, satisfied. Restful sleep. Clear skin. Zero cravings. Power for your workout of choice. Yes, please!

Because my clients understand macros, they can confidently skip right past fancy, front-of-package claims and decide on meals and snacks that fit their needs. NOTE: needs for a “high protein” snack can be entirely based in preference. Just because you track macros doesn’t mean you eat exclusively for the numbers, all of the time. Your girl will happily make room for a oatmeal raisin, basically-tastes-like-a-cookie bar any day.