i’m confident AND//OR i’m intimidated

To all the girls who skip the squat rack because you feel like you don’t belong in the weight room.

To all the girls who rush through sets or reps because you’re self conscious about your form.

To all the girls who hesitate over grabbing the bigger weights because you don’t know if you can lift them. 

To all the girls who go in with a plan, only to take a sharp left turn for the cardio equipment because it feels safer.

To all the girls who feel stupid lifting without plates, wear the wrong shoes, or constantly forget a hair tie.

You deserve to feel and look and BE strong. Its ok to radiate confidence outside the gym AND also be so intimidated that you end up hiding in the corner to “do abs” for an hour.

The boys might have had a decade of experience in the weight room before you picked up a dumbbell – but now is your time.

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