I love my body AND//OR I want to change my body

love your body
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This one’s for you if you’ve ever believed you had to keep your body composition goals to yourself, for fear it would appear that you didn’t also appreciate your body as it is right now.

>> We’re hearing from the body acceptance camps: wanting to change or seeking change in your body size or shape is wrong. It means you’re subscribing to social and cultural norms. That’s bad.

>> We’re hearing from the beauty, dieting and fitness camps: not wanting to change or seek change in your body size or shape, is wrong. It means you’re content. You’re not good enough just the way you are. If you’re not in pursuit of change towards social or cultural norms, that’s bad.

These two positions are not mutually exclusive.

And just because you want to change something about yourself doesn’t mean you’re not body positive. Self-love comes in many forms and if you’re rooted in your awareness and intentions, you’ve nailed the biggest, most important piece of the body puzzle. You can want to change something about yourself and make the appropriate adjustments without coming from a place of self-loathing or trying to “fix” something that’s wrong with you.

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