best practices for holiday eating: a spectrum

You don’t just wake up one day and disregard your goals. 

That’s how my clients feel about holiday weeks so we work together to figure out the best mix of habits that leave them feeling great and that also allow for more flexibility than usual. ⁣

I will never be the coach to tell you how many miles you gotta run in order to “work off” a piece of pumpkin pie – because, first of all, that’s not even how it works!⁣

But I am also not the coach to tell you to go into the holiday week blind:⁣

>> letting triggering people or situations dictate your food choices⁣

>> eating everything that’s put in front of you⁣

>> drinking more alcohol than what you’d like ⁣

>> mindlessly taking bites, licks, tastes and handfuls ⁣

>> skipping all opportunities to get regular movement or physical activity⁣

>> scarfing holiday themed treats even if you don’t particularly like them (because they’ll be gone until next year if you don’t!)⁣

There are a few specific habits and behaviors of people who are most committed to their health and fitness goals and who are least committed. ⁣

When it comes to holiday eating (and travel and vacation and restaurant eating) there is room to live in the grey area. I bet MOST of you would agree that this isn’t a time for diligent macro tracking, but also you didn’t wake up, want to throw all caution to the wind and forget what you’re working towards, either!⁣

Identify YOUR personal habits and behaviors that are comfortably in the middle of your *most* committed and eating like you disrespect yourself.⁣