how active women changed their body shape or size

“Right now I want to lose weight, later I can focus on building muscle.” – people in my DMs⁣

Do you feel this too? Maybe you feel like those goals are in opposition of each other? 

What if I told you that they are not, in fact, in opposition of each other? And further! By working to build muscle, you’re likely to lose extra body fat like you’re lookin for.⁣

I know, it’s wild!⁣

One of the most important aspects of fat loss is increasing lean muscle mass. Having more muscle mass on your frame takes up less space than fat mass which will naturally make you appear more lean, muscular (toned), and fit. ⁣

And, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is and the more calories you burn all the time, which often translates to fat loss over time. ⁣

The kicker? ⁣

The only way to build more muscle is to eat enough calories and protein, while strength training with structure and progressive overload – not randomly throwing workouts together from your favorite insta fitspos. ⁣

If you’re thinking that “building muscle” means you gotta get bulky – watch yourself! Building muscle means you create the shape that you’re looking to show off: you have to have muscle to show muscle. ⁣

I’ll leave you with this: you can lose all the weight you want, but you won’t achieve the lean, toned and fit physique that you’re looking for without having muscle on your frame.⁣

Raise your hand if I’m speaking to you with this one.  Great, now go lift some heavy weights and stop eating like a bird!⁣

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