how to drink alcohol and hit your macros

Give up alcohol to hit my macro goals? I’m out faster than you can say “White Claw”! ⁣

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between eating to your needs and drinking alcohol. Here’s how that might look:⁣

>> you killed it in your workout this morning, so you’re going to prioritize recovery by eating up to your carb macro goals. Later, you might make a switch from skin-on chicken thighs to pork loin or swap from an oil-based to a vinaigrette-based dressing on your salad. Holding back on fat at dinner is enough to account for a well deserved glass of wine with your meal.⁣

>> you’re looking forward to a boozy brunch with the girls on Saturday and you know the menu at your favorite place by heart. You’re craving that root veggie hash with sausage, runny eggs, and avocado so you’ll skip the toast or hold the potatoes to make some room for a couple mimosas.⁣

>> your weekend at the cabin starts tonight but you’re not exactly sure what the evening entails outside of a couple beers (at least!) by the fire. Today, you’ll eat filling and satiating meals that are high in protein and full of volume from non-starchy vegetables to save both carbohydrate and fat macros for dinner and drinks. ⁣

Look, I know it’s important to you to eat enough and feel your best, but you can’t see yourself putting the kids to bed and NOT rewarding yourself with a full-bodied red.⁣

You’ll attempt to hit your calorie goals and your protein targets, while adjusting fats, carbs or both down to accommodate the calories in alcohol.⁣

Remember, remaining flexible in your eating habits instead of striving for perfection, restriction, and elimination will go a long way for your goals.