oatmeal two ways

How do you prefer your oats?⁣

For me, it comes down to my mood, what I have going on in my day, and what my future meals look like. ⁣

If I’m in the mood for carbs on I’ll load up the fresh, dried or frozen fruit. If I’m craving fats, I’ll load up on nuts, seeds and coconut products. ⁣

I know that fats are slower to digest, so I reach for fat-rich oats when I have a long, busy morning ahead. I know that carbohydrates digest quickly, so I reach for a carb-rich meal to fuel up pre-workout. ⁣

If I’ve got a plan for my day and the meals lean carb-heavy, I’m eating up that fat-rich oatmeal. The opposite is true, too! If the meals lean fat-heavy, I’m eating that carb-rich oatmeal in the AM.⁣

Hitting your macro targets doesn’t mean you’re blindly eating to an arbitrary number. You get to dictate how hard those macros work *for* you through the meals you create. ⁣

Are you team fats or team carbs today?