the 6 stages of macro tracking

Which stage sounds like you?⁣

Stage 1 – Macro Huh? If you just heard the word “macro” in the context of nutrition for the first time, you’re probably not sure what macronutrients are or why you would track them. You can’t differentiate between it and other approaches such as low carb, watching calories or a meal plan. ⁣

Stage 2 – Macro Curious. Perhaps you’ve played around with a tracking app or even downloaded macro targets from a free online calculator — but you haven’t made a real commitment to yourself to follow through on anything. (And are probably doing yourself a major disservice as a result!)⁣

Stage 3 – Macro Annoyed. This is the most common place to get stuck with macro tracking. In this stage, you’re tracking food when it’s convenient, but might find yourself making franken-meals to get close to your targets. By the end of the day, you’re usually too high or low with one or more macros and are starting to doubt if it’s worth the effort. ⁣

Stage 4 – Macro Determined. This is when you can eat to your targets most of the time – but it still takes a lot of focus and effort to make it happen. You’re using a food scale to be more accurate and eating balanced meals all day. You usually eat the same meal as the rest of the household with a few tweaks.⁣

Stage 5 – Macro Hesitant. This sounds like, “I got this?” You can hit your macro targets when you’re in control of the food, but are less confident about navigating restaurant eats, social events or situations where you’re away from home. In this stage, you’re tracking all your eats, meal planning around your macros and pre-logging food in your diary on a regular basis. ⁣

Stage 6 – Macro Master. You’re flexing carbs and fats in order to hit your calorie goals when necessary or more convenient. You’re comfortable in nearly all food environments because you can eyeball your food and estimate the macro content fairly accurately. You know where you’re going and how to adjust your targets. ⁣

⁣If you’re stuck and can’t see the path to graduating to the next stage – you need Macros Made Easy – a self-paced online course that teaches you how to go from confused to confident in macro tracking. What are you waiting for?