there is no wagon

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You can’t be on the wagon or off the wagon if there is no wagon.⁣⁣
Entertain it for a second: What if there was no wagon to fall off of? What if there was no wagon to get back on? Would your habits change? Would you act differently?⁣⁣
What happens when you stop seeing health and nutrition as a narrow road that requires driving with precision (or you’ll tumble off the cliff or get a flat tire)? ⁣⁣
Ditching the wagon starts with understanding your pursuit of health goals as a journey. There is no “on” or “off”. There is only life. And your experiences help you learn what will serve you best in the long run.⁣⁣
What if tracking macros could be your answer to ditching the wagon? What would you do if there were no “goods”, “bads”, “yes” or “no” foods? What could you learn about yourself if you ditched all the rules and started feeding your body appropriately?