why should i care about my nutrition right now?

It feels like that sometimes, right?⁣

If you were dialing in your nutrition for a fitness competition that’s no longer taking place.

If you were riding high on motivation to get in shape and feel your best on that vacation that got cancelled.⁣

If you were just getting in a flow with eating to support that challenging gym-based training program.

You might be all up in your feels and floundering with your nutrition as a result. ⁣

You’re allowed to pout about your cancelled plans and also be upset about the big scary pandemic stuff, too. I want you to grieve the loss of what could have been, and then decide how you want to show up for yourself through nutrition.⁣

So while your competition and vacation and gym might be cancelled, your goals don’t have to be. If there’s one thing I know through coaching, it’s that there is always a way to move the needle forward.⁣

Even if your bandwidth only allows for⁣
>> getting some vegetables on your plate today⁣
>> making an actual meal instead of grazing ⁣
>> choosing water over wine tonight⁣

That’s still moving the needle forward.⁣

You can still get lean and strong during self-isolation. You can still reverse diet. You can still love on your hormones and metabolism by eating enough. I’m not canceling on my client’s goals, but instead, shifting their mindset and approach. My clients are feeling a sense of calm in all the chaos. And I’m so proud of them!

If you want to feel like this, too, consider applying for my Free + Fueled Coaching program.