podcast interview: how do we get more women into strength training?

I joined Mark Breedon on his podcast Who’s Lifting Today? to chat all about how we can get more women into strength training.

Mark is an online Personal Trainer who believes in building his clients’ confidence both in and out of the gym through strength training. Using exercise programming, video/audio feedback, and daily/weekly support, Mark has had female clients accomplish double bodyweight deadlifts and pull-ups without assistance – while being able to live their life outside of the gym. More importantly, Mark’s clients improve both their confidence and self-belief when they realize their true strength potential. 

Mark and I chatted about:

  • knowledge and personal belief barriers that women face when trying to get into strength training
  • my personal experience with starting to lift later in life
  • why every woman should be strength training regardless of their goals

You can listen to the episode here.

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