my 3-step approach to stop undereating & start fueling

Mindset + Macros + Metabolism. ⁣

That’s ^^ the magic formula that gets my clients stressing less about food, freeing up brain space for their passions, fueling for their full life. They’re getting strong, feeling lean and gaining a ton of confidence because when they reprioritize supportive habits and take care of themselves, it seeps into every other area of their life. ⁣

1. work on your mindset

You can’t skip this part – affirmations, mantras, journaling, exploring early relationships with the scale.

Don’t be afraid to go deep. What does it mean to you to be XX weight? What was your first relationship with the scale? Who first talked about weight and made you cognizant that it was something you should prioritize in your brain?

You truly cannot eat more, and reap all the benefits that come along with it, until you get your mind right about your relationship with food and the scale.

2. master your macros

If you wanna eat more, your macros have to increase. The best way to do this is to set your macros just slightly above what you have been averaging and follow this new prescription for a few weeks.

However, you can’t stop there! You must plan for regular increases over time, especially if you come from a long history of undereating. It’s okay if you go slow because that’s what’s comfortable, but ultimately, your body is predicting the speed at which you go and the jumps you make, so listen carefully.

3. Improve your metabolism

There is so much you can do to support your metabolism appropriately. A few big ones I recommend are shifting from cardio to strength training, eating to support blood sugar balance, and supporting gut health by removing trigger foods.

When working on metabolism, you can’t work in a vacuum. Improving hormones and metabolism requires you to look at exercise, sleep, gut health, and stress habits and behaviors all at the same time, and focusing on the areas that need to be a top priority.

You might be wondering, “how hard is it to just eat more and start feeling better?”, and to you, I’ll say, “congratulations, move along.”⁣

For others of you, “just eat more” is so, SO complicated. I hope you see from the dozens of questions I’ve answered over the past couple of weeks about this “undereating” topic that you’re not alone in your fears. ⁣

That’s when you call in the big guns and you get some personalized coaching. I’m dedicated to matching you to your perfect fit practitioner so if that’s not me, I’ll get you in contact with someone who is. ⁣

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