which approach is best for fat loss in active women?

As a woman, you can’t ignore the role of hormones in fat loss. ⁣

…but you can’t lose fat without a (slight) calorie deficit. ⁣

Most of the diets you’ve had experience with are in one of two camps: ONLY calorie focused or ONLY hormone focused. ⁣

But the truth is, you need a little bit of both to create effective, enjoyable and effortless fat loss. ⁣

A well planned macros approach can do that for you. ⁣

Here’s a refresher:⁣

“Calories” refer to the overall energy a food contributes. Manipulating calorie intake influences only one thing – body weight, whether that’s gain, loss or maintenance⁣.⁣

⁣“Macros” refer to the composition of a food or where the calories in the food originate. Manipulating macro intake influences many things:⁣
>> lean muscle gain, lean muscle loss⁣
>> body fat gain, body fat loss⁣
>> feelings of hunger and fullness⁣
>> blood sugar balance and stability, hormone balance⁣
>> stable, consistent energy, energy for high intensity activity⁣
>> cravings for sweet, salty, or crunchy foods⁣
and so much more!⁣

If your goal is weight loss, then tracking total calories may work for you for a certain amount of time. But, if your goal is fat loss, lean muscle gain, steady blood sugar, optimized hormone and more, then tracking macros is the superior approach.⁣

Is this starting to make sense now?

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