I am strong + muscular AND//OR I am feminine + sexy

I am strong + muscular AND//OR I am feminine + sexy.⁣

Don’t you worry about your back getting too big?
I wouldn’t like it if your arms were bigger than mine.⁣
You don’t want to look like ‘those girls’, do you?⁣
You shouldn’t wear that with a build like yours.⁣

Yeah. They said it. ⁣

And those are just a few of the comments I’ve gotten over the years. You bet they made me *ouchy* and they definitely made me pause.⁣

You wanna know the ironic thing? ⁣Strength training was the very thing that led me to become my MOST confident from the inside.⁣

I became addicted to that feeling so I embraced the activity and eventually, fluffy + flat became lean + muscle-y.⁣

You think I’m gonna suddenly ditch all that to limit myself to an outdated and completely subjective definition of what’s feminine and sexy?⁣

Naw, I’m good. ⁣

I don’t know that we can control the messages we receive everyday about beauty, and that’s not the point. You can, however, control the messages you internalize and say to yourself. Remember that showing up with authenticity and self confidence is born out of your inner dialogue – and these are the only messages that truly matter.⁣

Being unapologetically you is sexy, ok boo boo?⁣