two truths about guilt, shame and stress around food

Be ok with two truths: macro tracking can eliminate or encourage guilt, shame and stress around food. ⁣

The approach itself is neutral. ⁣

But, when we use the approach to accomplish specific goals, I’ll admit it can get messy. 

Here’s a few scenarios for you:⁣

Your bestie called and needs a GNO ASAP. ⁣

Forget your lunch at home and your available options are to (1) starve or (2) eat fast food. ⁣

Your SO landed that dream job so leftovers aren’t going to cut it tonight. ⁣

Mom’s serving those cookies that great grandma used to make and you’ve got no idea what’s in it (probably fairy dust and unicorn sparkles). ⁣

Are you going to let guilt, shame and stress around tracking your macros get in the way? ⁣

Naw. ⁣

The most successful use tracking like a tool but know that the tool can be ditched for life circumstances. ⁣

So, my advice: do not conflate the approach with the way it’s used. Instead of writing off the approach (and your friends that do it), check yo’self and remember, there are always multiple ways to solve a math problem and macro tracking is just one. ⁣

Work to get to know yourself.
Understand how you best learn⁣.
Become aware of your triggers⁣.

…wait, am I talking about dating or identifying a nutrition approach that works for you?⁣

No really though. If you can do that ^^ and still identify macro tracking as the great option to accomplish your health, body composition and athletic performance goals – welcome! ⁣

I can teach you everything you need to know!