“maintenance” doesn’t mean nothing is happening


>> have more energy⁣
>> sleep better, more deeply⁣
>> reduce overall stress, feel more zen⁣
>> have a healthy sex drive⁣
>> develop an abundance mindset around food⁣
>> build muscle on your frame⁣
>> balance hormones, improve fertility⁣
>> feel more full and satisfied⁣
>> improve body composition⁣
>> have more flexibility and freedom with food⁣
>> gain strength ⁣
>> improve athletic performance ⁣
>> remove scarcity mindset around food⁣

… then yes, you *can* see progress during this phase. ⁣something is “happening”.

Macros set “at maintenance” means you’re eating enough to support your body and your activity level – not less. Progress and success are defined however you want, so if you look at this list and see something that you like or something that you want, know that you can absolutely achieve it eating at maintenance. ⁣

Many of you have never *ever* spent any time eating AT your needs, only under them. Let’s examine the power of maintenance, why you struggle with it, and how to fall in love with it. ⁣Stay tuned for my next few posts!

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