meet the girls

Disciplined Dana

Disciplined Dana can follow any plan you give her. She never seems to run out of willpower – she’s 110% in. She finds comfort in her limited food choices, like somehow life is simpler on her “safe foods”. She’d tell you she likes how she eats, but what that really means is she likes to prevent unexpected weight jumps. The thought of her pants feeling a little tight makes her anxious. If she eats “off plan” for a day and it seems to take a whole week to lose the bloat and feel “normal” again so why deviate from what works? She’s convinced she just has a slow metabolism – she just can’t eat like other people!

Misinformed mary

Misinformed Mary is doing everything right. She’s active and she eats right. In fact, except for vacations and sick days, she’s hasn’t skipped an AM Body Blast class in years. She’ll tell you about her eating habits and you’d be impressed: buys organic, doesn’t touch fast food, eats frequent meals, looks at menus, makes low cal substitutions, no soda – only water! She’s envious of the defined arms and shoulders of her instructors. When asked, they tell her to keep showing up for class and join in on the latest “Clean Eating Challenge” or purchase a meal replacement powder. Yeah, yeah, “abs are made in the kitchen” but her gym routine has to count for something, right?⁣⁣⁣

work-for-it wanda

Work-for-it Wanda is always training for events. Marathons, triathlons, duathlons – she’s got 2 or 3 on her calendar every year. People roll their eyes at her for meticulously tracking her activity, but she feels shear joy when she exceeds her calorie burn goals. She loves food and loves to eat, so exercising is her way to compensate for a big appetite! So far that exchange relationship has worked out fine, but she wonders what will happen if she decides to stop training. How do people eat if they aren’t active?⁣⁣⁣

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