mixed macro meals to fit any preference

Macro targets are a reflection of how you want to feel, look and perform NOW and in the future.

If you’re eating real, whole food most of the time – there’s really no screwing it up! Let go of the “allowed” and “not allowed” list and embrace the freedom of choice and autonomy. ⁣

The question is no longer, “what can I have?” and rather becomes, “what do I want?”⁣

Certain circumstances might warrant higher fat, higher carb or macro balanced meals:⁣

>> you need to pack in some carbs before your heavy training session later⁣

>> you load up on healthy fats because it’s a put-your-head-down-and-focus kinda morning – and can’t be bothered with frequent snack breaks ⁣

>> you need a quick meal that hits your check point macros and keeps you on track for your daily macro targets ⁣

So peep this post for inspo:⁣

Fat focused smoothie base that includes coconut milk (F) or avocado, topped with unsweetened coconut (F) + cacao nibs (F)⁣

Carb heavy smoothie base that includes juice (C), topped with dried fruit (C) + fresh tropical fruit (C) + granola (C)⁣

Macro balanced smoothie base that includes full fat Greek yogurt (PFC), topped with nuts (F) + seeds (F) + fresh berries (C)⁣

Which one would you try?