Reasons to track macros that have nothing to do with weight

Look 👀 you may have only heard of macros through the lens of a diet but that’s hardly the only reason to use the approach. It’s time you put that myth to bed for good!

Here are 7 reasons you might track macros – that have nothing to do with fat loss!

1. track macros to fight portion distortion

What is perceived as a “normal portion” has increased over time so there’s a contrast between what is considered a “normal” portion and how much is actually appropriate for you.

2. track macros to learn the right size portions for you

Tracking macros provides a barometer for how much food is appropriate for you because the targets for P, F and C are tailored to your unique needs.

3. track macros to support higher athletic performance & lean muscle gain

Tracking macros can be one way to ensure you bring energy to your workouts as well as recover appropriately and fully. Proper nutrition could be the difference between showing up to a workout feeling like a total badass or feeling completely faded.

4. track macros to reverse diet your way to a healthier metabolism

If you’ve been unintentionally (or intentionally) undereating for a long period of time, you might benefit from reverse dieting for metabolic health.

Reverse dieting is the strategic increase in calories and macros over time to combat the metabolic adaptation (or down regulation of metabolism) that naturally occurs as a result of dieting.

Using a macros approach to reverse diet is a great way to track and monitor on your way up to a higher, more liveable calorie intake by minimizing body fat gain coming out of a period of undereating.

5. track macros to avoid unintentionally undereating your needs

Maybe you have a history of undereating, but you’re over that now and understand the importance of eating enough to support your metabolism, hormones and overall activity. Counting macros can help you get a great understanding of how much food is appropriate for you.

6. track macros to support hormones

Manipulating macro intake can change the hormone picture.

Using a macro approach could be helpful to ensure you’re eating enough:

  • fat to actually make hormones
  • protein to support strenuous strength training activity
  • carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores after intense cardio activity

7. track macros to be consistently well fed, full and satisfied

Look, that’s kind of the point of eating but sometimes we can have such a distorted understanding of food because influence comes from all angles. Taking some time to know what it feels to be energized and well fueled is always time well spent.

As I mentioned, you absolutely can use macros for weight or fat loss, but the approach can also provide so much more if you let it!

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