what you think progress will feel like vs what it actually feels like

It’s kinda like a roller coaster. One day you’re up, one day you’re down. ⁣

The up and down, back and forth can be frustrating if you don’t normalize it for yourself. Stuff comes up! And it’s not a matter of *if* your rhythm and routine will get thrown off, but a matter of *when* it will be. ⁣

There will be weeks where you feel on 🔥⁣
>> you pre-log your diary and hit your macros⁣
>> you enjoy how you’re eating⁣
>> you crush your workouts⁣

There will be weeks were you feel like 💩⁣
>> you are unmotivated to get to the gym⁣
>> you survive on popcorn and pizza⁣
>> you get no extra movement during your day⁣

Normalize the rollercoaster that is being a human who chases goals. If you wait until you’re motivated to take action, then you’ll never get anywhere fast. ⁣

The most successful people acknowledge that lows are just as temporary as highs and that mindset is everything. ⁣

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