why a recreational athlete and a professional athlete are not that different

I betcha you have more in common with a professional athlete than you think.

Do you think Serena Willians is flying out the door for an AM training sesh with nothing but a handful of her kid’s goldfish?

When Lindsey Vonn is tired after a long day, do you thing she’s trading a proper dinner for a bowl of cereal instead?

Do you see Simone Biles being “on track” during the week and completely “off track” come the weekend?

It’s totally ok for Kerri Walsh Jennings to snap at her partner because she’s eating iceberg salads to save calories, right?

Naw. Gonna go with probably not.

If you want to look like an athlete, you have to eat like one. That means eating enough calories to support your activity and enough protein to build and repair lean muscle. Why you skimping, lady?

And while the volume of exercise you do will be different than that of a professional athlete – the structured plan, periodization of goals across the year, and mandatory rest should all be the same.

You might not be a professional athlete, but that doesn’t mean you get to skip the part about feeding yourself appropriately. You are active, you have a damn full life and many people depend on you to show up as your best self!