two truths about sugar

Be ok with two truths: you saw great results from cutting sugar from your diet and you don’t want to live a life without sugar in your diet. ⁣

Maybe it started as a cleanse. ⁣

Then it was a stint with Whole30.⁣

Next you’re white knuckling through a keto lifestyle.⁣

Are you still chasing the feelings you had when you first made a change to your eating pattern?⁣

Just because you noticed temporary improvements in your skin, joints, digestion or waistline from limiting refined sugar – doesn’t mean you need to commit to a life void of your favorite foods.⁣

The results of cutting sugar are likely due to the foods you replaced sugar with: whole, real foods, and nutrient-rich ones. ⁣

Or, the habits that came along with cutting sugar: ⁣

↓ dranks
↓ refined grains and dairy
↓ mindless snacking⁣
↑ mindful eating⁣
↑ intentional movement ⁣
↑ deep sleep
↑ healthy coping mechanisms⁣

Don’t worry bout me. I’ll just be here finishing off the gelato in my freezer while shouting between bites that you can feel, look and perform your best with sugar included in your eating pattern. Forever.