two truths about weight loss

It all started with a weight loss goal.⁣

You met your friends for walks in the neighborhood. You started showing up for bootcamp classes at the gym. You signed up for your first 5k. ⁣

You started cooking more at home. You swapped side salads or veggies for fries. You ditched soda or juice for water. Protein centered your meals, instead of carbs. ⁣

Focusing on that weight loss goal started it all – and look at you now! You are proud of the habits you’ve cultivated. All your friends and family can even see how far you’ve come.⁣

So, when you’re used to seeing scale weight tick down and down and down as a direct response to you making better, healthier choices – it can become a mind warp when it doesn’t anymore.⁣

What if the scale stays the same? ⁣If the scale goes up – what does that mean?⁣

A weight loss goal can only carry you so far. Eventually, your ability to use weight loss as a measure for progress ends.⁣

So, be ok with two truths in your example: focusing on weight loss worked for you for awhile and now, it’s no longer an appropriate means for measuring progress or success.⁣

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to measure progress and success without using body weight at all.