being silly versus smart about your macro targets

“Don’t even bring chips in the house! I can’t be trusted.”⁣

“All bets are off when the kids go to bed.”⁣

“I am so good during the day – if only I could control myself at night!”⁣

I get it.⁣ You want to be leaner – you KNOW there are muscles under there. If you just ate less, exercised more, lost some weight…⁣

So, why do you end up elbow deep in a Pringles can before the month is over?⁣

Because it’s too extreme.⁣
You’re too impatient.⁣
You set yourself up for failure by setting macro targets too low.⁣

I see it all the time: you are so used to pursing a weight loss goal that you don’t even know that it could feel any different. ⁣

To you, it would be weird to NOT be hungry. It would be odd NOT to have cravings. If your family and friends COULDN’T tell you were on a new diet – what’s that like?⁣

You honestly have no idea what it would be like to eat enough, feel relaxed and trust yourself around food. ⁣

If you were looking for a sign to take a different approach – one that might be completely foreign and quite frankly, uncomfortable, this is it. Imagine actually enjoying the process so much that you don’t feel frustrated or defeated. ⁣

Let me be your macro spirit guide and expertly tailor your macros for you in the Personalized Macro Calculation. You’ll walk away with macros that feel easy to hit and don’t leave you⁣
because you’ll be eating enough and feeling full + satisfied. ⁣

Your nighttime chip party CAN come to end by eating more.