how to know you are undereating for your active lifestyle

“Are you sure I should be eating this much?”⁣⁣
It’s the most common reply I get from someone who has calculated their macros with my free guide or invested in a Personalized Macro Calculation from my team. ⁣⁣
Yep, you should be eating that much. I am sorry you “feel” like 2000 calories is too much for you. Or that 2400 calories is more than your boyfriend eats. Or that 2250 calories “scares you a little”. ⁣⁣
When you come to me saying that you struggle with:⁣⁣
>> hunger – like can’t be trusted with XYZ in the house, hunger⁣⁣
>> cravings – intense, predictable, need a fix after dinner cravings⁣⁣
>> recovery – need an afternoon nap, tired⁣⁣
>> soreness – takes me a while to loosen up, tender to the touch sore⁣⁣
>> agitation – snap at my kids grouchy, don’t talk to me till I’ve had a snack grumpy⁣⁣
>> constipation – need coffee + water + lots of vegetables + a workout (and nothing less!) to be regular⁣⁣
>> gym plateaus – don’t know what giving 100% feels like anymore, going through the motions⁣⁣
>> sleep – annoyingly can’t fall asleep or stay asleep ⁣⁣
>> problematic periods – don’t know what you’re gonna get each cycle ⁣⁣
>> cold – you wish you could bring your space heater with you⁣⁣
You bet I’m gonna tell you to eat more.⁣⁣
Ask yourself: are you enduring all those symptoms (and more!) because you fear an arbitrary calorie goal? Would you rather tank your thyroid hormone, shut down your sex hormones, raise your adrenal stress hormones like cortisol because 2000 calories “feels like” too much for you? ⁣⁣
Eating more WILL resolve all of those issues AND make for a leaner, stronger body.