being silly versus smart about body image

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Find yourself ducking behind someone when the camera comes out?⁣⁣

Tell yourself that next year will be different because you’ll finally be proud of your body?⁣⁣
Wonder where the heck you were in all the vacation pics? ⁣⁣
I’ve been there, too. ⁣
Look, you’ve got a hand held, pro level camera at your disposal at all times so it’s basically impossible to avoid photos. What are you gonna do about it?⁣⁣
Will you continue to avoid every activity, every experience that involves a camera because you don’t want to remember your body this way? ⁣⁣
Here’s what I know:⁣⁣
>> your body will ebb and flow in shape, size, softness ⁣⁣
>> you’re not bad for not loving how you look all the time⁣⁣
>> you’re not wrong for wanting to make changes⁣⁣
>> you don’t need to apologize for not feeling comfortable in your skin ⁣⁣
It’s a normal human experience to feel uncomfortable in your skin sometimes. And while your knee-jerk reaction to make that uncomfortable feelings go away might be to:⁣⁣
>>cut all the calories⁣⁣
>>slash all the foods⁣⁣
>>shrink yourself at all costs⁣⁣
I hope this post pops into your head instead.
There’s about a 5 year gap in my FB photo history where I conveniently avoided pictures, untagged and deleted ones I didn’t think I looked my best. And even though my body is different now – it wasn’t that getting leaner, stronger or more fit made me stop hiding. ⁣⁣
You will still be the girl ducking behind your bestie, fixing angles, changing the lighting, and adding filters if you don’t work on what’s going on between your ears. Self confidence doesn’t come from having your dream body (or achieving your ideal weight, or pant size) – it starts by working on your mind. Do hard things, show up for yourself in big ways, put yourself first, walk up to challenges and move right through them – and then do that over and over and over again.⁣⁣
For all of you doing that work – I see you. I know it’s tough and it’s not always a smooth ride but future you will be so glad to see you show up in those vacation pics.