you don’t get a goal height…

When people set out to lose weight, they often have a specific number goal in mind. Maybe it’s the weight you were in college, a pre-baby weight, or something more arbitrary – a number that you think will make you happy.

But those who are successful in changing their habits and seeing some movement on the scale are often left wondering when they’re actually *finished* with their weight loss.

Is it when you hit that specific number goal? Is it when you fit into your “skinny” jeans again? Is it when you’re tired of thinking about your weight?

People may have an idea in their head about what a goal weight for them should be, but it’s usually unrealistic juxtaposed against the life they actually want to live that’s filled with energy, vitality, and strength; or against the body shape and size they seek to have; strong, lean, and curvy. Considering many women who I work with are interested in a more muscular physique, it makes sense that they might be happy with what they see in the mirror at a higher weight.

Your goal weight should be flexible (or not exist at all!)

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