choose your own weight loss adventure

Which approach do you think is better for weight loss?⁣⁣

Trick question.⁣⁣
Depending on the person – could be meal plans. ⁣⁣
In some circles of the internet – it’s definitely keto.⁣⁣
According to your trainer – paleo is the answer. ⁣⁣

But, you know what all these approaches have in common? ⁣⁣
>> macros <<⁣⁣
Just so we are extremely clear:⁣⁣
Each of these approaches *could* produce weight loss. ⁣⁣
Each of these approaches *could* help to build more muscle. ⁣⁣
Each of these approaches *could* get you lean.⁣⁣
But if they don’t – would you know why? Would you know what to change in order to see the results you wanted to see?⁣⁣
Probably not!⁣⁣
Skip to the part where you understand how your body responds to real food combinations of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
Instead of jumping in the passenger’s seat of a stranger’s car, squinting one eye and crossing your fingers you get to the destination – it could be YOU in the driver’s seat. You’ve got GPS, a full tank of gas, roadside assistance and Fleetwood Mac to make for, dare I say, an enjoyable journey?⁣⁣
Hear me on this: it makes more sense to understand what’s in your food so you can have full autonomy over what you eat. Ditch the food list – and eat food you like, when you want, while meeting your personal needs.⁣⁣

⁣And that’s what learning the macros approach can do for you.