how to cut through food labeling BS

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One thing that really helped me cut through labeling BS was tracking macros. ⁣

Sure, in school I was studying back-of-package nutrition labels which sets me up for a little bit more context than the next person, but it wasn’t until I started eating to my needs by focusing on getting the right balance of protein, fat and carb containing foods in my eating pattern that I *truly* understood a label and could see directly through the marketing gimmicks.⁣

If you’ve ever heard a dietitian or nutritionist say, “ya just gotta read the labels” and it never made a difference in your eating habits because you didn’t know what to look for – you’re not alone. Go one step further and eat to your needs through tracking macros – it could be just the framework that you were looking for. ⁣

Clean, lean, pure, thin, light it will make your head spin. I’ll be a fierce proponent of tracking macros as a method for nutrition education for years to come.