hierarchy of importance for daily macro tracking

“I am going to miss my macro targets – what should I do?”⁣

If you’ve got goals to get lean and strong, there will come a day when you don’t hit your macro targets. Actually, there will be several days: ⁣

>> you forget your lunch at home and have to piecemeal something together from the lousy options around your office⁣
>> you got invited to dinner last minute with your colleagues after you had a meal waiting for you at home (nice and pre-logged!)⁣
>> you have to play Saturday sports chauffeur for the kids + friends. Add up all the bites and tastes of this and that, you’re no where near your macros. ⁣

Tapping out on your goals is not an option for you. Your body is tracking macros whether or not you decide to. ⁣

So, what’s the next best case scenario?⁣

Attempt to hit your calorie goals and your protein targets, let carbohydrates and fats fall where ever they might. ⁣

I call this, “flexible tracking”. If you’re a total newbie, or you are in a season where you don’t need to be completely diligent about eating specific amounts of each macro, feel free to be flexible and track JUST calories and protein. ⁣

Why protein? Well, we know that eating enough protein builds lean muscle, leaves us feeling full and satiated after meals and raises the metabolic rate.

Carbohydrates and fats, while important for other functions, don’t have these same powers. ⁣

Have you ever tried “flexing” carbs and fats in times where you can’t hit your macro targets?