habits of successful people

This past weekend, I got into a discussion about the traits and habits of my MOST successful clients. I think of these traits as two distinct umbrella terms: one that encompasses their mindset stuff and one that encompasses their daily actions.

here are some common themes I’m seeing with regard to mindset 

  • they actively work to change their environment to support their goals because they know that it takes more than sheer willpower or discipline to stay consistent.
  • they have an open mind to progress and results.
  • they tie meaning to their weight, body composition, and athletic performance goals – meaning, they aren’t doing it just to do it!
  • they understand that progress is *usually* not linear.
  • they understand we are working towards maintenance of results, not temporary achievements that zap into thin air the second we’re done working together.
  • they don’t let a single day go by where they are not making at least an attempt to push the needle forward. 

I wouldn’t want you to think that this is an exhaustive list, but it represents some overarching themes I’ve seen in my practice. So, if you’re chasing goals and use nutrition to get there – how can you work on your mindset?

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