how to stick to your nutrition goals through the holidays

sticking to nutrition goals over holidays
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The weeks following Halloween through January 1st can feel like a sugar and stress sh*t storm that you just have “get through”. 

Here are some of the things I’m sharing with my clients about how to thrive, instead of simply survive, the last part of the year.


TIP 1. Recognize your triggers and work to avoid them. Ever wonder how 2000 calories can suddenly disappear at Grandma’s house, in her kitchen, surrounded by certain people you see once a year during a conversation about your lack of significant other? Yeah, triggers. Our environment influences food decisions and it can be a trigger for over indulging. It’s helpful if you think through these and do what you can to avoid them.

TIP 2. Don’t make it about the food. Turn your attention away from sugar, gluten, dairy, calories, fasting, and whatever else could be clouding your experience. Feel the things, laugh with the people, see the sights and let food take a backseat. 

TIP 3. Decide how you’ll handle XYZ event before it happens. You’re a rule follower and you love a plan. So make your own rules and follow your own plan! Decide how you want to feel after XYZ event and work backwards to make the choices that will allow you to feel that way. Making your own rules might look like eating a piece of Aunt Gina’s pie, drinking two glasses of red wine max, sticking to one plate instead of two (or three), filling up on food that is deep and dark in color. 

TIP 4. Mind your wine. Eating more indulgent (likely, less nutrient-rich) food, getting poorer quality sleep, and extending yourself with more responsibilities and to-dos is stressful on the body. Adding alcohol on top of all that will only make stress, cortisol and inflammation more amplified. Not to mention, when your inhibitions are low, that cheese plate and assorted dessert tray starts to look pretty tempting.

 What are your tips for thriving through this season? I’d love to hear them! Hit me up on Instagram Stories @emilyfieldrd