mindset upgrade for your afternoon snack

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Step 1. be “good” at breakfast⁣
Step 2. eat a “sensible” lunch⁣
Step 3. count out your walnuts, put the bag away⁣
Step 4. inhale the contents of the pantry before dinner and wonder why⁣

Of all the macronutrients, fats pack the biggest calorie punch per volume. This means they have a ton of energy packed in a little package – one that doesn’t take up much room your stomach. A single macro snack (like walnuts) is a total tease for your belly.⁣

Especially when she HONGRY. ⁣

Simply adding texture, color and other macros to the mix could mean the difference between⁣

>> black out eating the family size bag of chips ⁣

>> locking eyes with your partner as you spoon peanut butter in your mouth ⁣

>> shaming yourself for binging your kid’s leftover birthday cupcakes after he goes to bed⁣

…and an evening of calm. ⁣

Make a change for more satisfying and filling snacks by adding a sizable portion of other macros – as well as color, texture and flavor. Food should fuel you. It’s kind of the point of eating!⁣

What are your snack time favorites that fuel you?